Aboriginal night patrols 17/7/13 and 31/7/13

The Koori Mail


Police, the WA government and Aboriginal community organisations agree that night patrols are an essential service.

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Teams of trained Aboriginal workers drive through the streets of Perth and regional towns at night, stopping to speak to stranded countrymen who are often intoxicated or otherwise distressed.

They then offer them a lift home, or to emergency accommodation

In July 2013 the WA Aboriginal affairs minister ordered a review of the service, with a view to extending it.

Koori Mail 31 July 2013Meanwhile the Commonwealth Attorney General, who part-funded the service in Broome and Perth, decided to cut funding for the patrols by 37 and 20 per cent respectively.

Venice trip was ‘arduous’ – 9/12/2008

Midland Reporter and Kalamunda Reporter


A delegation of local councillors from Perth’s eastern suburbs copped a lot of flack over a European trip to learn about waste management. A team from one of the tabloid TV current affairs programs had shadowed them, portraying the trip as a “junket” in prime viewing time.

Reporter 9 Dec 2008

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As a former local government officer I had the feeling they were taking a cheap shot, so I attempted to find out just how much of the trip was leisure and how much was travel and work.

The trip’s organisers didn’t help the PR effort. When I requested an itinerary, the office took a whole day to send me a four-day-old media release. They also put a gag on the delegates, leaving the media free to interview their political enemies.

Luckily one of the delegates decided to break ranks and talk to me. A few months later he became Mayor of his city.