Travelling dunes encroach on infrastructure, and reveal geological pattern 16/4/2014

Recent research shows sand dunes in the Mid-West could easily engulf roads and buildings.

Guardian News 4 July 2014 p 35

Guardian News 4 July 2014 p 35

The strange phenomenon begins when a dune become separated from the beach, and begins to travel inland as prevailing winds blow it along.

It may end up many kilometres from the coast before it runs out of sand.

In the meantime it engulfs anything lying in its path.

Science Network WA [read this story]


Two-spray strategy outmanoeuvres crop weed 15/3/2014

The wild radish, a troublesome pest in wheat crops, is developing resistance to many herbicides.


Agricultural scientist Grant Thompson’s solution to the problem involves even more herbicides.

In a series of trials, he has found spaying one herbicide on the seedlings and another chemical on the plants a few weeks later keeps their seeds out of the crop.

This story first appeared in Science Network WA [click here to read]. The Midwest Times republished it later – the date on this image is wrong.