Developer revives plan for Frenchman Bay 19/3/2015


From The Weekender, March 19 2015, p7. Click on this image to read the story.

Click on this image to read the story.

I love to do development stories because most local papers neglect this important area.

What is done with our physical environment affects us all once it is built, and I think it needs to be in the news beforehand.

The former caravan park featured a popular little shop on a beach 21 kilometres from Albany’s town centre.

It was all demolished in the last decade to make way for a resort that never eventuated.

[From The Great Southern Weekender, March 19 2015, p7.]

Sophisticated stone axes ‘not invented in Europe’ 9/4/2014

Photo Chris Langluddecke

Photo Chris Langluddecke

The first edge ground stone axes were not invented in Europe. 

They appeared in the central Kimberley at least 30,000 years ago.

“The suggestion that all innovation has to come from the Old World is not true because clearly ground-stone axes were created here,” archaeologist Prof Balme says.

She notes that they were also made in Japan at a slightly later date, by people who would have had no contact with either Australian Aborigines or people in Africa and Europe. Continue reading

Judas camels betray their mates 25/2/2015

A MURDOCH University molecular ecologist says “Judas camels” fitted with tracking devices greatly enhance the chances of finding and subsequently culling wild camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Australia’s deserts.

Photo by Jordan Hampton

Photo by Jordan Hampton

His conclusions come after a close study of camel behaviour in the wild.

This is only possible in Australia because Arabian camels are technically extinct in their native habitat, Arabia and the Sahara.

Camels don’t spend their lives in the same family group – they constantly leave the groups they are in to socialise and mate with others.

Science Network WA [read this story]

Firefighting pics from Albany WA

Weekender picture 2015 03 26 X26ALB_007P


These pics are not of an out of control bushfire, just a controlled burn in an Albany suburb pleasantly close to nature.

From The Great Southern Weekender March 26 2015


Photo by Geoff Vivian (c) The Great Southern Weekender

Photo by Geoff Vivian (c) The Great Southern Weekender

Photo by Geoff Vivian (c) The Great Southern Weekender

Photo by Geoff Vivian (c) The Great Southern Weekender