Complaint follows Shire suspension 4/6/2015


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A senior manager at Demark shire has complained to WA’s Minister for Local Government after being put under virtual “house arrest” while under suspension.

As the shire’s engineer, he was suspended after he wrote a report to council recommending public money not be spent on a feasibility study for a development.

He said the shire had a culture of intimidation.

[From The Weekender, June 4, 2015 p3]

Denmark sacks whistleblower 11/06/2015


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Click on this image to read the story

Denmark Shire in Western Australia sacked its engineer after he made a complaint to the Minister for Local Government.

However the sacking was supposed to be for an unrelated matter that had allegedly occurred some months beforehand.

[From The Weekender, June 11, 2015 p4]

CEO defends boat ramp study 23/7/2015


DENMARK Shire ratepayers say they are unwilling to spend $12 million on a new acquatic centre.

X23ALB_022PHowever the Shire has just committed $26,000 in public funds to a feasibility study for a boat launching ramp near a favourite swimming beach.

A prominent coastal engineer tells me this would cost at least $38 million, and probably a lot more.

If he is correct, the shire is spending $26,000 to discover it can’t afford a boat ramp.

As both stories appeared on the same page I am posting them together.

[Great Southern Weekender, June 23, 2015, p22]