Early wine in Shire 15/10/2015

A KATANNING local says although Frankland and Plantagenet vignerons have been celebrating “50 years of wine”, his family planted the Great Southern’s first vineyard a century ago.

Click on this image to read the story.

Click on this image to read the story.

Derrick Nalli said his grandfather established Roma Vineyard on a 440 acre block he took up in 1911 at Broomehill.

Nalli and Sons became known for their Muscat, Sherry, Marsala, Port and Hamburgh wines, which they continued to produce until the early 1950s.

“My grandfather came from Italy around about 1904,” Mr Nalli said.

“When Grandfather arrived in Fremantle with his one son they had seven and six in
their pocket which in the new money is 75c – so they had nothing.”

Mr Nalli senior lived in a tent and worked for another Italian immigrant, Mr Genoni, on his farm for several years, returning to Italy to pick up most of his eight children.

From The Great Southern Weekender, October 15, 2015.


Migrant woman remembered 13/8/2015

Caterina Macri, who spoke no English, was pregnant and newly arrived on a boat from Europe when she started camping in the Australian bush with her husband and two young sons.

X13ALB_036-37PHer daughter Lena Elliott is getting ready to tell her story in a book “Bread on the Table”.

This is the first of several history pieces I will post about people starting new farming ventures in the Great Southern region where I now work.

The Great Southern Weekender, August 13, 2015

In her element October 2015

Perhaps once in a generation we come across an artist whose practice is informed and inspired by a life in the forest environment, and a close observation of its elements.

Photo by Ebone Tippett

Photo by Ebony Tippett

Although she makes no attempt to copy his work, Monique Tippett is an artist that works within the genre started by Howard Taylor.

Monique lives in a part of the world where my earliest coherant memories come from: Dwellingup.