Saltworks provide unlikely rest stop for weary travellers 20/5/2016


Courtesy Sora Estrella.

Courtesy Sora Estrella.

Can a large-scale industrial development benefit endangered and threatened species, such as certain migrating shore birds?

It seems Dampier Salt’s Pilbara operations are providing an important diet supplement to birds like the Red Knot, Great Knot and Bar-tailed Godwit.

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Supercontinent rift formed bizarre Bunbury rocks 29/4/2016

I was lucky enough to interview one of the scientists who have a new take on Bunbury’s weird black rocks.

(c) WA Museum.

(c) WA Museum.

They were formed when India broke away from the West Australian coast 137 million years ago.

What we see in Bunbury and Capel is part of a huge lava flow almost as large as Western Australia itself that comes from Gondwana breaking up.

Most of it is now under the waters of the Indian Ocean.

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