Ausgold inches to mine trigger point 22/6/2017



EXPLORATION company Ausgold is inching ever closer to the day it hopes to begin open pit mining in several locations near Katanning.

X22ALB_005PCEO Matthew Greentree said the company first needed to find one million ounces of gold within its 4,031 square kilometres of leases.

“We’ve already defined 637,000 ounces; if we push that to a million that would be a fairly reasonable sized operation,” Dr Greentree said.

“That would be a trigger point to start studies and development for a
mining project.

From The Great Southern Weekender Thursday, June 22, 2017 p5.

Explorer charts plan for Gully projects, March 19, 2015


MORE than a billion years ago two tectonic plates collided and fused to form a continent.

From The Great Southern Weekender, March 19, 2015 p5

From The Great Southern Weekender, March 19, 2015 p5

They also formed a mountain range whose worn-down remnants stretch across most of southern Western Australia.

Gold and nickel has been found at one end of the former mountain range, and a small company has bought leases near the other extremity in the hope of finding payable nickel and copper.

The Weekender, March 19, 2015 p5.

According to Bloomberg the Managing Director left the company soon after this interview.

Is manufacturing the key to the region’s future? 20/10/2016

A local businessman came to me with this story idea many months before the paper changed style. The then editor told me not to proceed as we were not doing features of this type and it was not “hard news”.

Great Southern Weekender, October 20, 2016, pp 8 and 9.

Great Southern Weekender, October 20, 2016, pp 8 and 9.

After a change of management we were required to produce a two-page feature in every edition, and suddenly this story became newsworthy.X20ALB_008-9P

As a journalist it is important to be able to tailor your writing to a publication’s subject matter. There is no merit in producing work that does not get published.

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