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CEO defends boat ramp study 23/07/2015

Denmark Shire ratepayers say they are unwilling to spend $12 million on a new acquatic centre.

X23ALB_022PHowever the Shire has just committed $26,000 in public funds to a feasibility study for a boat launching ramp near a favourite swimming beach.

A prominent coastal engineer tells me this would cost at least $38 million, and probably a lot more.

If he is correct, the shire is spending $26,000 to discover it can’t afford a boat ramp.

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Council bunkers down 25/11/2011 

KALAMUNDA Shire Council this week voted against a proposed mobile phone base station at High Wycombe Community Centre. Shire president Donald McKechnie said the vote reflected community concerns about the possible effects of electro-magnetic radiation on human health.

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Broome: Taiji dolphin message is ‘cultural intolerance’Sunday, August 23rd, 2009  

A Broome woman reacted angrily to yesterday’s shire council resolution against its Japanese sister city’s dolphin kill.

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Vege garden on the verge of a breakthrough 6/9/2008

Cottesloe council was set to demolish a friendly verge-side herb garden.

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Evicted from his home 20/11/2008

Halls Creek shire evicted local businessman Russell Tremlett from his home.

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